Remote Control Beverage Pager

Remote Control Beverage Pager

Beverage Pager (Images courtesy The Lighter Side)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s the perfect way to class up a holiday party. This beverage pager ensures you’ll never forget where you set your beverage, since at the push of a button the can’s koozie (coozie, cozie, cozy, kozy?) will light up and emit a hi-larious belching sound effect, allowing you to easily track it down.

The pocket sized remote works from up to 60 feet away, even through walls if you find yourself in another room. But since I assume all the pagers work on the same frequency, you’re probably limited to only using one per party, which is kind of lame.

It’s currently available from The Lighter Side for $19.98.

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5 thoughts on “Remote Control Beverage Pager”

  1. *Sarcasm alert* The printed picture of the fat guy carrying around his beer gut in a wheelbarrow really makes me want to buy the thing even more.

  2. So you’re at a drinking party, and in order to find your beer you have to follow the sound of belching.

    Does anyone else see the problem with this?

  3. Is this thing worth $30 bucks if you can’t have more than one? and why is the base black? you can’t see the lights unless it is nearly dark? What would happen if you were using it during an afternoon football game?

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