Remee Mask Can Put Lucid Dreams Within Your Reach

By David Ponce

Lucid dreaming is the bee’s knees, and the Remee mask can help you make it possible. If you don’t know, these terms refers to the ability to become aware that you’re dreaming and to take control of what’s happening. Imagine the possibilities: riding a unicorn into the sunset, or chatting with Eitnstein only to discover he can’t give you any answers because you don’t gain knowledge magically through dreams… Anything is possible. But doing this is extremely hard. There are a bunch of tips and tricks online to help you become aware that you’re in a dream and subsequently controlling it, but they can only take you so far. The Remee mask adds some physical help. It contains an accelerometer and six red LEDs. When the mask has detected, through your movements, that you are in one of the later stages of REM sleep (where dreams often occur), it will flash a pattern repetitively. Inception-style, the lights will then “bleed” into your dream, giving you a visual cue that you are in fact asleep. With a bit of practice, you might learn to recognize these lights and consciously remain asleep and dreaming, all the while taking control of the action.

We’re not sure how well this works, but the principle sounds promising. A lot of people agree as the company has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal of $35,000 quite handsomely ($86k+ at writing). For $80 you can have your own Remee, which is expected to ship in early July. Buy it now though, as the price will go up to $95 later on and there may be a longer wait as the company works through fulfilling the Kickstarter round of orders.

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