Reevu’s MSX1, Cheap HUD Goodness

By David Ponce

Holy crap! Now this is useful as hell. If you’re the motorcycling type, know that a UK company called Reevu has made an ingeniously designed helmet that actually increases your level of safety… well, aside from the usual preventing your head from plopping on impact, and such. The MSX1, manufactured in Italy, is a helmet with an integrated heads-up display that lets you see what’s going on behind your head. And the best part is that it’s very low cost, at only about $400. How does it do this? Well, it uses a system of unbreakable mirrors constructed out of ABS, rather than a more expensive camera and projector setup.

Ten years in the making, the helmet has been designed to ensure it meets all international safety standards, and is of a similar size and weight to conventional helmets. It should be available early 2006.

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  4. ingenious… in response to Sven.. if you are talking about the handlebars on your bicycle, you probably could remove them but i wouldnt recomend it..

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