Reebok Vector O Bat – Less Drag = More Effective Intimidation

Reebok Vector O Bat (Images courtesy Reebok)
By Andrew Liszewski

Taking a cue from Homer Simpson’s ‘speed holes’ Reebok has developed a new bat with something they call O-Technology, which is basically a set of 3 aerodynamic holes drilled into the shaft. The Vector O Bat was designed using computer models and simulations to reduce drag and increase swing speed, which in turn equals more distance on a ball or less force needed to encourage someone to pay back a loan. The Vector O Bat also features Reebok’s “Thread Locking System Connection Technology System” (that’s a direct quote, a system so nice they named it twice!) which results in an extremely stiff piece of lumber err… I mean VR950 Alloy/Composite Performance Matrix. But with a price tag of $279 it’s probably best suited to professional ball players and loan sharks.

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