Reebok Timetanium With Graphics By John Maeda

John Maeda Reebok Timetanium (Images courtesy FRESHNESS)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a graphic designer type, you’re probably already familiar with the work of John Maeda, or at least should be. For those who aren’t, he’s a world-renowned graphic designer and computer scientist currently working as the Associate Director of Research at the MIT Media Lab. A lot of his work has a very mathematical almost high-tech Spirograph look to it, and you can see some of those designs worked into this custom pair of Reeboks.

Based on the Reebok Ventilator, the Timetanium not only sports graphics based on John Maeda’s original algorithms and computer code, but the inside of the shoe is even lined with his own hand-written calculations.

I would almost be tempted to grab a pair when they’re released on the RbkCustom website on November 13 if not for the fact that Reebok is only making 100 of them, which means they’re unfortunately not going to come cheap.

[ Maeda x Reebok = Timetanium ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

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