Redrock Cinematizing Kit For Video Capable Digital SLRs

Redrock Digial SLR Support System (Image courtesy Stu Maschwitz)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s not much info on this at the moment, but on his Prolost blog, Stu Maschwitz (CTO of The Orphanage, ex-ILMer) has posted this pretty sweet photo of Redrock’s new support system designed for the latest generation of video-capable DSLRs. Or basically the Nikon D90 and the Canon 5D Mark II. The kit is supposed to be officially announced today at the Photo Plus Expo being held in New York until Saturday, but I unfortunately can’t find an official press release as of yet. But what I do know is that there is a lot of excitement over these new DSLRs in the ‘amateur’ filmmaking communities, even with all of their shortcomings and limitations. But hopefully when Canon and Nikon see all of the support their latest toys are getting, they’ll be encouraged to fix some of these problems. (Like adding 24P support on the 5D.)

And if you have any interest at all in amateur filmmaking, particularly when it comes to this new crop of DSLRs, I highly recommend spending a couple of hours reading through the posts and comments on Stu’s blog from the past couple of months. They’ll give you a good idea of why people are so excited about these new cameras, and where things might eventually (and should) be going.

[ Prolost – It’s Happening ]