Redesigning Bikes, The Venom Series

By David Ponce

When was the last time you saw a radical redesign of the bicycle? The last true change I can think of, was when the chain was invented, and things went from those big wheel designs to the stuff we know today.

The very large, and very well known manufacturer Specialized is working on changing all that with the Venom line of bicyles set to be released in 2006. The picture right here is only one of many designs. Most of them are extremely aerodynamic, with the gears and chains nicely tucked inside and esoteric new technologies such as “internal hydro-drive pedalling system” or “bi-directional multi-ring super-drive” or even a “rear wheel that has a special magnetically polarized rim that is suspended inside the frame, where it floats inside a magnetic suspension field”. In other words, a floating tire.

Guys, I like short posts. If I get started, I’ll never finish. Much better y’all go and read the press release yourselves. Story VIA J-Walkblog.

Update: Of course… you realize… none of this is true. It is, instead, a nice big Photoshop project. Isn’t that neat. And yes, Jerry, we ARE that stupid.

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  1. i’m usually all aboard the flaming and shaming wagon, but in this case these are so gorgeous, and i am so in love with bikes, that i’ll call jerry a jerk.

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