RED Scarlet “Pocket Professional” Camcorder Is Still More Resolution Than You’ll Ever Need

Red Scarlet

By Evan Ackerman

This sexy little camcorder is the Scarlet, designed by RED, the same guys who released the super badass (and super expensive at $18k) RED One. Although the Scarlet can’t really compete with its bigger brothers on sensor size and feature set, for a mere $3,000 here’s what you get: a 3k resolution sensor, framerates up to 120fps, data recording on dual CF cards, a 4.8 inch LCD and 8x optical zoom, WiFi control, and HDMI + Firewire 800 + USB 2.0 outs. Although “specifications, delivery dates and design are subject to change… count on it,” this is still a pretty serious camcorder for the money.

After the jump, take a look at a chart comparing the resolutions of the RED cameras to the piddly HD you’re used to.

Red Resolutions

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