Red Diamond Bathtub Is A Good Place To Spend The Rest Of Your Life

Red Diamond Bathtub

By Evan Ackerman

Generally, I’m not much for baths. They take a while to get ready, it gets boring to just lie there, the water inevitably cools off, and when I get out I don’t feel especially clean. If I had a Red Diamond Bathtub, though, all of my problems would be solved and showers would be a thing of the past and it would take me about 2 hours to get ready for work in the morning. This is a serious, serious bathtub. The first thing you’ll notice are the two waterproof HDTVs that pop up out of concealed side panels. There’s also an integrated Champagne holder, fully electronic controls (including automatic temperature hold), solid gold highlighting, and a whole bunch of Swarovski crystals leaded amorphous solids.

Want more? Okay, how about comfortable seating for two, four color LED mood lighting, an “electric self extracting hand-held shower unit,” variable intensity whirlpool and airpool jets, a continuous automatic water disinfection system, and a GSM module that lets you call the bathtub (!) and order up a bath with the temperature and water level of your choice from anywhere in the world.

For the ultimate in bathtub luxury, expect to pay somewhere around $47,000.

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