Red Bull Augmented Racing (Images courtesy Red Bull)

Red Bull Augmented Racing App Lets You Design Your Own Track By Laying Out Red Bull Cans

Red Bull Augmented Racing (Images courtesy Red Bull)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s always a nice touch when a racing game includes a DIY track builder, because at some point or another every racing fan feels they could design a better course. But in practice, I’ve found I usually don’t have the patience to sit there for hours at a time laying out straightaways and hairpin curves. So does Red Bull’s new iPhone racing game make things any easier when it comes to designing your own circuit? That’s debatable, but at the least it does go about it in a unique way.

If anything the app definitely scores top marks as a marketing/advertising tool since you first need to get your hands on a bunch of cans of Red Bull. Designing your own course is then as easy as arranging them in the shape of your circuit, photographing the front of one of the cans for calibration, and then photographing the tops of each can, one by one, as you make your way around from the start to the finish. The app will then generate a virtual version of the course you’ve laid out, allowing you to race it in the game, or share it with Red Bull’s online community if you think you’ve created the next Nürburgring.

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