Recycled Bike Furniture

Recycled Bike Furniture (Images courtesy Bike Furniture Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

The thought of ‘recycled furniture’ probably conjures up images of repurposed car seats, or couches made from mouse pads. But Michigan based Bike Furniture Design manages to turn discarded bicycles into some pretty slick looking chairs and tables.

While bike rims and tires seem to make up most of the structure, the furniture also borrows pieces from cars and trains including glass windows used for table tops and seatbelt webbing used as upholstery. If you’ve got an old bike you’d like to get rid of, you can even donate it to the cause, but I doubt most people would be willing to ship it off to northern Michigan.

Since the furniture is all made to order, there’s no pricing info on the Bike Furniture Design website. So just make sure you’re ready to open your pocketbook up wide if you’re interested.

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