RecycleBall & RecycleBone For Environmentally Conscious Pets

RecycleBall & RecycleBone (Images courtesy Branch)
By Andrew Liszewski

Are you worried that your dog might be increasing your carbon footprint? Well instead of giving them a tennis ball to gnaw on, you might want to try the RecycleBall or RecycleBone. They’re both made from the ‘rubbery scraps’ that are left over from the manufacturing process of Orbee-Tuff toys, and apparently the recycled versions are just as strong and durable as the real ones.

But to be honest I’ve always considered dogs to be an eco-friendly pet anyways. They’re handy for dealing with food scraps, are a great source of heat on a cold night and will pretty much recycle anything in your home into a chew toy whether you like it or not.

Both the RecycleBall and RecycleBone are available from Branch for $12.

[ RecycleBall & RecycleBone ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

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