Record-Breaking Lego Tower Stands 100 Feet Tall

By Luke Anderson

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of hours I spent as a kid playing with my Legos. Most of the time I was building spaceships of some sort, usually loosly based on the ones I’d seen in Star Wars. It crossed my mind a few times as to how tall of a tower I could build before it would topple over. I never really had enough bricks to make anything substantial, but apparently you can get quite high if you’ve got enough bricks.

To be exact, the Legoland Windsor theme park now has such a tower that stands a whopping 100 feet tall. Just how many tiny bricks did it take? Half a million. Somehow I think my childhood collection was just a bit smaller than that. For those wondering, this is the tallest Lego tower ever created, and was done in celebration of the toy’s 50th anniversary.

VIA [ Dvice ]