Record-Breaking LEGO Tower is 11 Stories High

LEGO Tower

Did you ever attempt to build the tallest LEGO tower in the world when you were a kid? I did and I always thought I did a pretty good job…until now. If you thought you did, too, then you should take a look at what the students and teachers from┬áDickinson High School in Milltown built.

The school’s community didn’t just build a tower that was several feet high; instead, they built a LEGO tower that’s 11 stories high! The tower measures 112 feet and 11.75 inches and is officially the tallest LEGO tower in the world, as affirmed by Guinness World Records.

The uber-tall LEGO tower took months to build and consists of over 500,000 bricks! It was all made possible thanks to the cooperation of students, teachers, parents, and planners. Several fundraisers and brick drives were even held in order to gather all the needed materials.

Pretty awesome, huh?