Rechargeable PSP Battery Leaves Much To Be Desired

Solar PSP Battery

By Luke Anderson

Mobile products are generally limited by three factors: size, power and battery life. There’s not much that the end-user can do to change the power or size (except to make it larger) of their mobile device of choice, however, battery life is something that can be worked on. In the case of the Sony PSP, you can now find all of the power you’ll ever need just by walking out on a sunny day.

While this new battery may offer you extra power without plugging into a wall, I’m not so sure that I’d get too excited about it. First, it looks bulky; this means that it’s going to likely make your PSP a little more uncomfortable to play, and it’s going to be a little more of a burden to carry around. Now this is all fine and dandy, since you’re never going to have to worry about a dead battery, right?

Looking at the device you’ll notice that it’s going to mount to the bottom of your PSP. This also means that your solar panels will be facing down while you’re playing. Unless you like playing upside down, or you feel like carrying a mirror to reflect the necessary rays, you’re not going to get a lot of extra power from this bulky unit. Even at around $30, I’m not so sure that it’s worth it.

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3 thoughts on “Rechargeable PSP Battery Leaves Much To Be Desired”

  1. What a terrible piece of journalism.

    Not only do you lambast a product merely on conjecture (certainly bad form), it seems like you don’t know much about the technology or its implications.

    I am not saying that the product is perfect, or even worthwhile, but I would save those opinions and conclusions for a real review.

    You do understand that a solar panel doesn’t actually need to be pointed directly at the sun right? Although that is the point at which it is operating at maximum efficiency, it does not have to have direct line of site to function.

    Do you really think that the charging would be at the same rate as you playing? You would have to let it charge when you weren’t playing anyways…it is a method to charge the battery, not one to provide direct power when playing.

    How often are you playing your game system? Why can’t you just let it sit out when you AREN’T playing it? It seems that is the true goal of the system…

    Either way, you need to find some journalistic integrity…especially your comments regarding the product “looking bulky”.

    From this article, one might conclude you are an assuming, pretentious asshole…but one shouldn’t make that determination until they have met you in person? Capisce?

  2. I’m sorry that you don’t care for my opinion of the product, however, I stand by what I said. The product is intended to be used on the bottom of a handheld gaming system, which by nature (from personal experience, as well as observing others) is played with the system fairly close to one’s lap (except when standing). I don’t under any circumstances believe that it would recharge at the same rate as it is consumed, however, the intention would be to extend the amount of time one is able to play.

    You mention that one might want to recharge it while not playing. Personally, I wouldn’t keep a $200 product just sitting out next to me (away from the comfort of my home or office) for extended periods for the sole purpose of recharging. To me, that’s just asking for it to be stolen.

    I’m not sure if you are a portable gaming aficionado, but my comment about it “looking bulky” is quite important. These systems are designed with the idea that they will be carried around in one’s pocket. The product adds nearly an inch to the overall thickness of the device, which happens to be less than an inch thick to begin with. This is nearly doubling the thickness, thus making it too bulky to be carried around comfortably.

    Again, I’m sorry that you don’t agree with my point of view or appreciate the way I write about products. Sure, I could just write a few specs and leave it at that, or I could give readers my thoughts on the device. While you say that this sorts of things should be saved for a formal review of the product, it isn’t necessary. I based my opinion on facts provided by the manufacturer. It would be a bit ridiculous to expect the product to overcome the limitations that I have mentioned (ie, it being thinner than described, or for the panels to be located somewhere other than directly beneath the PSP).

  3. Luke, Your ‘journalistic integrity’ is firmly intact… Bad day E.T.? The finds on this site are quite amazing too, just needs a re-name / re-branding to be taken more seriously by gadget buffs (in my opinion)… best of luck, Adam.

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