Rechargeable Outdoor Candles

Rechargeable Outdoor Candles

Rechargeable Outdoor Candles (Image courtesy Home Infatuation)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m starting to see faint signs here and there that Spring might actually make a return to my city. (There were doubts.) So it’s finally time to break out the outdoor gadgets. These semi-realistic looking outdoor candles are made from silicone and use an LED light bulb to replicate the natural flickering effect of an actual flame. On a full charge the faux candles can last for about 12 hours, though I’m not sure how long it takes to recharge them. And while they’re not 100% waterproof (i.e. don’t leave them outside in a downpour) they can withstand the occasional splash.

A set of 4 candles with charger is available from Home Infatuation for $89.95.

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