Rechargeable Heated Socks Keep Your Feet Nice And Toasty

Rechargeable Heated Socks Keep Your Feet Nice And Toasty


By Chris Scott Barr

It can be hard to keep your feet warm in the winter time. Sure, a nice pair of thick wool socks can go a long way in combating the cold, but even that only helps for so long. Once your toes get cold, there’s nothing you can do until you get them inside and heat them up. So what do you do if you’re working outside for long periods and want to be absolutely sure that your feet stay toasty? One option is to wear heated socks.

The Heat Sock EX system consists of a pair of heated socks, a battery pack and two long wires. On the battery pack itself you can select between five different levels of heating for your feet. Depending on what level you select, you can get between three and ten hours of warmth on a single charge. My biggest concern is what happens when the socks get wet, as they so often tend to do in the snow. The second biggest concern is the $265 price tag. Then again if you work outside all day in the winter, you really can’t put a price on warm feet.

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