Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive Stores Files, Powers Up Devices

Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive


If you’re on the go a lot, then you’ll find yourself needing or even looking for basic things that will be easy to use when you’re away from home. One such thing is the Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive. It’s essentially a flash drive that doubles as an AA battery. Need something to store your files? No problem. Looking for some batteries to power up your flashlight, radio, or whatever? Then just grab a couple of these and you’re good to go.

This gizmo sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it really is, because it’s just a concept design–for now, that is. If someone out there sees the potential in this thing and finds a way to make it happen, then it’s only a matter of time before these will hit the stores.

The Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive was designed by Wonchul Hwang.

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3 thoughts on “Rechargeable AA Battery USB Drive Stores Files, Powers Up Devices”

  1. Is this where we’re up to? Just start combining things together and see what sticks.

    USB rechargeable batteries aren’t new. As a memory stick it’s awkward and clunky, doesn’t clip to anything and more than likely you’ll be carrying at least a couple.

  2. Well, I could see this as the perfect place to hide important documents like copies of passport, credit cards, passwords and the sort. Imagine carrying a flashlight with all your documents? encrypted and password protected I expect.

  3. I agree. Just an “application” of combining a AAA cell and USB storage. When I need to exchange data, I need to do it now and not have to unscrew, open, or bang out a battery from its spring housing in order to use it.

    Anyone know the specs on this cell? 1.2v @ what 1200ma LOL like the good old NiCd days, assuming its even NiMh.

    Seems everyone wants a nobel prize from putting off the shelf part together.

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