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By Evan Ackerman

If you haven’t been checking out out BotJunkie lately, you totally should, ’cause we’ve been covering lots of exciting robot-y stuff. Here’s a little review of some articles that we’ve posted on BotJunkie recently:

Keepon Now For Sale- Keepon, the cutest robot in the universe, is now up for grabs if you’ve got the dosh, which you probably don’t.

Drive a UGV In Australia- Try your hand at driving a miniature unmanned ground vehicle around a little world, over the internet. Sponsored by BP, the UGVs are located in Australia and completely solar powered.

Robotic Milk Extractor- Good cheese comes from happy cows, and happy cows are milked by robots.

Firefighting RoboSnake- Need to put out a candle or a tunnel fire? Ana Konda is a 10 foot long robotic snake that spits water, and we’ve got video.

Cyberdyne Exoskeleton Available In Japan- For a mere $2200 a month, you can now rent a battery powered exoskeleton that increases your strength anywhere from 2 to 10 times.

Robot Flutist- Better find another hobby for your kids… This robot is equipped with the lungs, lips, and tongue it takes to play the flute, and it probably does it better than you can.

Recon Scout- Surveillance robots are getting smaller and more clever. The Recon Scout is the size of a can of soda, and you chuck it like a grenade. Two wheels, one camera, fully controllable. Macroswiss even has one with an integrated mini-Uzi.

$100 i-SOBOT- Want a humanoid robot of your very own? It doesn’t get much cheaper than this. Makes a great gift.

Hexapod Dance Off- Hexapod robots dressed up in costumes try to outstep each other. Plus, they can carry beers while navigating an obstacle course.

And that’s just a taste of what’s been going on recently. Last week, we were at the 2008 RoboDevelopment Expo and saw a huggable robot teddy bear straight out of the movie A.I., as well as a Rubik’s Cube solving robot trounce a Rubik’s Cube solving human.

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