Realfleet Releases Sexy Amadana PE-117 Headphones

Realfleet is a Japanese company with a special line called Amadana that makes all sorts of high-end consumer electronics with the notable feature of having some form of fancywood integrated in the design. In this case, on June 11th, it will be releasing a set of bamboo headphones, available for 120$.

They have a 10Hz – 24kHz Playback frequency zone and measure 60x12x40mm.

I imagine they’re meant to match their other stuff. And why not?

They’re kinda neat.

Though it’s all Japaneezed, you can check it out here. Story VIA Ployer.

Update: Not being Japanese myself, I don’t read the wonderful language. Which is why I glossed over the nice little comics at the bottom of the product page. According to a reader, they say the following:”If you are a ninja, do not use the Amanda PE-117 to scale a stone wall.
Do not pose as a doctor and attempt to listen to a woman’s breast with the Amanda PE-117.
Do not attempt to crack a safe with the Amanda PE-117.” Very funny.

Click on the link and check it out.

Thank you… guy.

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