Realfiction Dreamoc 3D Holographic Coca-Cola Display

By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not entirely sure if this was a real display created for Coca-Cola given the video’s watermarked with an ‘internal use only’ warning, but if it wasn’t it should’ve been since it’s cool enough to make me want to drink sugar water again. The video mostly demonstrates the potential behind the Dreamoc 3D Holographic Display system, created by a company called Realfiction, which combines a real product like a Coke bottle with 3D animations that are viewable from 200 degrees. Like with most holographic technology these days it kind of sucks that the bottle is trapped inside the glass pyramid which facilitates the effect, but at least it looks like it’s light years beyond that old holographic Time Traveler arcade game.

[ Realfiction Dreamoc Holographic Displays ]

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