Real-Life Tron Lightcycle Guys Build A Grown-Up Sized Green Machine

Grown-Up Green Machine (Image courtesy Parker Brothers Custom Choppers)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you remember our post about the $55k real-life Tron Lightcycle, then you’re probably already aware that Parker Brothers Custom Choppers have a thing for creating unique rides. Their latest creation is a full-sized version of the classic Green Machine ride-on toy, that forgoes pedal power for an 80-cubic inch Harley-Davidson Evo engine.

Longtime readers might remember a post about the Green Machine way back in 2007 as Huffy created an updated version of the toy, though it was still designed primarily for children. Thankfully the Parker Brothers decided kids shouldn’t have all the fun, so their version of the Green Machine also features in intimidating 45-inch front wheel, rear-wheel steering like the original, and has managed to reach 50mph in their testing. Sadly because of the rear tires their version isn’t DOT approved, so don’t expect to be placing orders for one anytime soon.

[ Wired Autopia – Green Machine Is a Big Wheel for Grownups ] VIA [ Autoblog ]

2 thoughts on “Real-Life Tron Lightcycle Guys Build A Grown-Up Sized Green Machine”

  1. I guess you can drive this thing on suburb area. But still! Isn't it hard to maneuver this thing? let alone sit on it?

    I know sitting on harleys are different, but this gives the word “different” a whole new meaning. Just the thought of turning makes me wonder how it'll happen.

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