Real Hugs for Virtual Wishes: Chair Gives Celebrant a Hug For Every Facebook Birthday Greeting

Facebook Birthday Hug Chair

The Outback Steakhouse in Brazil is giving birthday celebrants an extra treat on their special day by giving them a seat on the B-Day Chair. Created in collaboration with ad agency¬†agency Lew’LaraTBWA, the chair gives the celebrant a real-life hug for every virtual greeting they receive on their Facebook timeline.

All the celebrant has to do is log on to their Facebook account using the tablet attached to the chair. Mechanical arms with gloved hands pop out of the sides of the chair and hug the celebrant every time someone posts on their wall.

A photo is also taken every time the celebrant gets hugged, which is then posted onto their timeline, prompting more hugs and love and birthday greetings all around.

Of course, nothing beats a real hug from an actual live person. But at least this way, even people who are miles or continents away can still give the celebrant a birthday hug.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]