Reading Is Cool: Cassette Tape Bookmarks

Cassette Tape Bookmark

Bookmarks don’t get any more adorable than these. The Cassette Tape bookmarks are inspired by their namesake, which used to be all the rage before CDs and MP3s came along. People don’t make mixed tapes anymore; they’re simply mixes now. People don’t even read physical books as much as before, since e-readers have taken center stage.

If you’re one of the few (or shall I say many?) who prefer flipping through actual pages instead of swiping through virtual ones, then what can be a more appropriate bookmark than this? It’s got a vintage feel and you have to admit, it looks awesome.

Cassette Tape Bookmark1

Cassette Tape Bookmark2


The Cassette Tape bookmarks have magnets on the inside, so it stays securely on the page where you left off. They’re available in sets of three and are priced at $6.

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