R/C Stealth Boat Begs To Be Taken Outside And Played With

By Luke Anderson

With summer fast approaching, everyone is looking for a good excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather. Toys that can only be used outdoors are always a good excuse to leave the confines of the house for a bit. If you happen to have access to a large body of water, this R/C Stealth Boat would be a great reason to get out.

While this boat looks like something that would be piloted by a certain caped crusader, it is simply called the R/C Stealth Boat. It also isn’t very stealthy, but that alright, I don’t think anyone really intended to use this for actual spying. What it can do is is reach speeds of around 19 mph and run for around 30 minutes off of a four hour charge. The $88 price doesn’t seem too bad, especially since you’ll be the envy of everyone at the lake.

[ Red5 ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

1 thought on “R/C Stealth Boat Begs To Be Taken Outside And Played With”

  1. Even better, after half an hour it will grind to a halt in the middle of the lake and you’ll have to *swim in and get it*. Exercise as well as fresh air.

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