RC Party Blimp

Radio Control Party Blimp (Image courtesy Things You Never Knew Existed)By Andrew Liszewski

While not as grandiose as the Video Airship I wrote about last week this Radio Control Party Blimp can still get your message across and doesn’t require months of airship training to operate.

This three-foot long helium-filled blimp is powered by three electric motors which propel the craft forward, backward, up, down and can even keep it hovering in mid-air. To liven up your party it can display eight different patterns of flashing lights while playing one of eight different pre-programmed songs. To really customize the blimp for your own special occasion the inflatable balloon is also ‘marker-friendly’ so you can brand it with your own unique hand-drawn message or image.

The RC Party Blimp is available from ‘Things You Never Knew Existed’ for $119.98.

[Radio Control Party Blimp] VIA [Uber-Review]

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