RC Jump Jet Plane For Vertical Take Offs And Crashes

RC Jump Jet Stealth Plane (Images courtesy Drinkstuff)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m really enjoying this trend of lightweight, easy-to-fly RC planes and helicopters. Not only can they be enjoyed indoors where you don’t have to deal with the wind, but they can easily survive those inevitable crashes that happen every few minutes. The latest addition to the fleet is this RC ‘Jump Jet’ which can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, but also fly around the room like a plane. Think of it as a slightly cheaper, quieter and easier to fly version of the Harrier Jump Jet.

Like with most of the indoor RC aircraft available today, the Jump Jet itself uses a small rechargeable battery to keep it as light as possible, while the remote itself runs off 3 AAA batteries. I’ve included a video of the craft taking off and flying after the jump, and to be perfectly honest it really just looks like a 4-bladed helicopter that’s been adorned with small wings and a tail to make it look like a plane. There’s no control surfaces that I can see, and this thing would have to be moving pretty quickly through the air to generate any kind of lift with those wings. However, that doesn’t make it look any less fun.

You can find it at Drinkstuff.com for about $140.

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