R/C Flying Superman

R/C Flying Superman (Image courtesy Toys.About.com)By Andrew Liszewski

While I’m not exactly a fan of Superman I did really enjoy Superman Returns. And of course like most summer blockbusters the film has a wide variety of toys and other tie-ins to be had, but this is the only one that really caught my eye.

Sure you can run around the house with your action figures making whooshing sounds pretending they can fly (everyone still does that right? it’s not just me?) but now your figures can actually fly. Ok, calling this an action figure is a bit of a stretch but as the small propellors on the cape indicate, this Superman toy is actually able to fly under its own power and is remote controlled.

The good folks at Millionaire Playboy recently took it for a spin and were surprised how well it worked. It’s not as agile or reliable as a $500 gas-powered R/C helicopter of course, think of it more as a glider that you can influence its flight. The remote requires 8 AA batteries but is also used to charge Superman which takes only about 10 minutes. They also suggest enlisting a friend to help you launch the man of steel preferably in a large open field.

The R/C Flying Superman is currently available at Amazon.com for $69.88.

[R/C Flying Superman] VIA [Millionaire Playboy]

5 thoughts on “R/C Flying Superman”

  1. This thing is totally crap. I bought one for my son and spent the afternoon trying to get this to to stay in the air – why call it a flying superman when it doesnt fly and by that I mean it last in the air for less than 3 seconds – the battery power is hopeless as well – half hour max. Its made out of foam so it can break easy. Completly bullocks this is so save your money folks.

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  4. I can’t agree that 1/2 hr of playing time is short. It’s very reasonable when compare to other simular RC flying toys indeed, get yourself one and you will see. Well trying to make it stay in the air needs a bit experience and practise I suppose, otherwise everyone can be a real pilot without years of trainning…

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