R/C Cooler Brings The Beer To You

By Luke Anderson

There’s something about summer that seems to bring out the lazy person in all of us. When it’s beautiful outside, there’s little more that you want to do than sit out and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately it gets warm out there, and you need to keep hydrated with a cool drink or two. Rather than getting up to go get something, or even keeping a cooler sitting next to you, why not get a remote controlled cooler?

This little cooler might not hold the most beer of any other in town, but it’s likely the most convenient. You can have it filled with six cans of your favorite drink, and call it over from 30-feet away with the remote. When it’s empty just send it back inside and have someone refill it for you. If you’re truly lazy, then I’m sure it will be a $70 well spent.

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1 thought on “R/C Cooler Brings The Beer To You”

  1. Wow… My friends call me lazy, but even I wouldn’t consider buying this.
    (Then again, if I got it as a present…)
    But no, I think it’s overkill. If you have a cooler, just put it next to you.

    Hmm… then again, what if you and your friend both want to drink cold beer and you’re not next to each other? That would work. (But $70 is quite a lot.)

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