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Razer Pro|Click Mobile Mouse - Designed For Cramped Quarters

Razer Pro|Click Mobile (Image courtesy Razer USA)By Andrew Liszewski

These days flying is a lot more bearable thanks to the ever-growing selection of portable electronics on the market but things aren't perfect just yet. If you've ever tried to use a mouse with a laptop on your tray table you'll know there's not exactly a lot of real-estate for moving it around.

Razer has addressed this issue with their Pro|Click Mobile mouse. Not only does it have a compact design ideal for travelling but its high-resolution sensor (which is what the Razers are known for) can be configured for a small area. So nudging the mouse just an inch will move your cursor all the way across your desktop. A cheaper and easier solution is to just suck it up and use your laptop's touch pad while on a plane but I guess some people refuse to compromise.

The Razer Pro|Click Mobile is also wireless relying on a bluetooth connection and will be available soon for about $60-70.

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