Razer DeathAdder Mouse Strikes A Blow For Lefties


By Evan Ackerman

It’s about bloody time somebody recognized the hundreds, nay, thousands of years of suffering that my people (that would be, left-handed people) have dealt with. Finally, Razer has designed a mouse specifically for us. This lefty version of their DeathAdder gaming mouse has the same slick and subtle curves that the right-handed version does, just reflected over to the sinister side. And that’s sinister as in left, not sinister as in ‘sinister.’ Honestly, there’s no need to be afraid of left-handed people… Here are some left-handed facts to get you better acquainted with us:

-Somewhere between 8% and 15% of people are left-handed, and only half as many women are left-handed as men.

-The Incas thought that left-handed people had special spiritual powers. Pretty much everyone else thought that left-handed people were either just unfortunate, or pure evil.

-Left-handed people tend to be smarter than average. They also tend to be dumber than average. In other words, lefties are more likely to be at one end of the spectrum than in the middle.

-On average, left-handed men who graduate college are 26% richer than right-handed men who do. Nobody knows why, and this doesn’t apply to women.

-50% of left-handed people use a mouse right-handed (and I’m one of them).

You want to know why 50% of left-handed people use a mouse right-handed? It’s the man, man. The establishment. The right-handed industrial complex. So thank you, Razer, for helping us break free of the oppression and tyranny of the right-handed world… Who cares if nobody buys your mouse because we’re all used to right-handed ones? You’ve struck a mighty blow this day, a mighty blow for the forces of all that is just and good and right in this world!

Er, wait. Left, I meant left.

As far as specs go, the DeathAdder is more mouse than you’ll ever need (3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor, five independently programmable “Hyperesponse” buttons, and it’s wired as all serious gaming mice are), and it’s yours for $60.

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7 thoughts on “Razer DeathAdder Mouse Strikes A Blow For Lefties”

  1. In the second grade I had a sadistic teacher that used to beat me for using my left hand. She used to make me stick my head inside my desk and then slam the lid down on it. She was a wonderful person. I guess that's when I taught myself to be ambidextrous. However, I can't see anyone needing this mouse unless you are new to computers.

  2. The mouse is for gaming. It has buttons adapted for south paws. I had a sadistic teacher too. She says the left hand is to wipe the ass after poo poo. Ring hand is to write. Hated her to death!!

  3. Despite being right-handed, I use my left hand for many things. Because I hold any sort of sports equipment right-handed and I write with that hand, I am definitely in the majority. But it feels more natural to do things like eat, shave and brush my teeth with my left hand. Go figure.

    Two of my sisters are left-handed. I think the 8-15% is about right. I always thought it was around 10%. In most of my classes (I teach English at various schools), there are very few left-handed kids; but I do notice the ones that are, as it interests me to see how they write.

    Had a friend at intermediate (between primary and secondary school), who curled his left hand right around so that it was facing like a right-hander. Weirdest left-handed writing style I've ever seen, but hey, it worked!

    I hope that this mouse makes a lot of people happy. And I don't believe those stories about teachers trying to stop people from using their left hand. That sounds like medieval ignorance to me. People like that wouldn't have been allowed into the academic system, no matter what country you lived in.

    Mind you, I wouldn't have put it past my high school physics teacher. No one liked the old Brit because he was stuck in the 19th century: calling boys by their last names and girls by their first names, with rigid, narrow-minded, judgemental views on everything. That, and his name was Athole. True story. 🙂

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