Rayzer Makes Nighttime Traveling Much Safer And Brighter


By Luke Anderson

I was fortunate enough to be born with excellent eyesight. I’ve never needed glasses, I can spot minute details from very far off, and I have incredible night vision (which must be my trade-off for being colorblind). Despite being able to see well at night, I still wouldn’t mind a little extra light on the road. Rayzer has to be one of the coolest ways to add a little extra lighting for your nighttime travels that I’ve seen.

You just mount this gadget behind your rear-view mirror and it syncs up with your headlights. The use of HID Xenon bulbs give you 3x more brightness than your headlights, and they’ll last around 5 years without needing changed. The really cool thing is that since they sync with your headlights, they actually shut off when you turn off your brights. I’m sure the other drivers out there will be thankful for this feature. We’re not sure on a price yet, but the Rayzer is due out early next year.

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