Rattle Buster – Do You Hear That?

Rattle Buster (Images courtesy Rattle Buster)By Andrew Liszewski

A rattling sound in your car is not only annoying but it also means there’s a problem that probably needs to be taken care of. But when you’re cruising down the highway you can’t really crawl all over the interior trying to determine where that rattling sound is coming from. So the Rattle Buster is a CD that uses your car’s sound system to recreate road induced vibrations that in theory will also reproduce the rattle.

The CD includes 5 different ‘Power Tones’ that are each 4 minutes in length and each tone mimics a different type of road vibration. So the idea is to play each track until you hear the rattle again and since the vehicle is stationary with the engine off you’re free to move around the interior and pin-point exactly where the rattling sound is coming from. While it doesn’t help you actually fix the problem it will allow you to tell a mechanic exactly where the rattle is coming from.

The Rattle Buster CD is available on the company’s website for about $20. And odds are you’ll probably need a half-decent aftermarket sound system for the CD to actually do its job.

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