Raise Me Up Lets You Unplug Devices With A Single Hand

Raise Me Up

By Luke Anderson

I hate crawling behind my desk, or worse, behind my TV to mess with cables and cords. As a former networking admin, I’m actually really good about cable organization, so it’s not horrible. The worst thing is trying to unplug something one-handed, as there’s generally only enough room to slide a single arm back there. Usually after a bit of wiggling, I’m able to accomplish my task, but it’s not always so simple. This is why I love this Raise Me Up powerstrip concept.

The idea here is that when you plug something in, it pushes down a plastic piece and leaves a flap sticking up. When you need to unplug something, just push down on the flap and presto! You’re ready to go. The only issue I see with this is that unless I’m mistaken, you won’t be able to plug in bulky power bricks directly into this contraption.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]