RainCloud Filters Water Out Of Air

RainCloud Filters Water Out Of Air

c15watergeneratorBy Evan Ackerman

Thirsty? Now you can get as much pure water as you can drink, siphoned magically out of thin air by the RainCloud water generator. Basically just a fancy dehumidifier, the RainCloud condenses ambient water vapor into liquid water and then runs it through a bunch of filters to make it safe and drinkable.

I’m not entirely sure how well the RainCloud will work in, say, Nevada, or whether it’ll flood your entire house in a matter of seconds if you turn it on in Oregon. Either way, the asking price of a bit over $1000 makes it of questionable practicality unless you live on a boat or something. Supposedly, RainCloud becomes cost effective over bottled water after 20 months, but that doesn’t even include the $170 replacement filter cost.

Pssst… Just go buy a Brita or something.

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