Railz Skateboard Conversion Kit

railz conversion kit

By David Ponce

Here’s something so useful and groundbreaking, we’re surprised it’s taken this long to hit the market. See, the Railz Conversion Kit, from Flowlab will allow your everyday, cement-loving skateboard… to carve the ski slopes! It’s genius! No one’s ever thought of taking the sport of skateboarding, and putting it on snow.

Never been done.

Genius, I tell you!

And the best part is that award-winning innovation like this will only set you back $50.

[Railz Ski Conversion Kit VIA [BoofOfJoe]

19 thoughts on “Railz Skateboard Conversion Kit”

  1. The problem is most ski/snowboard places will likely not alllow it. Since it has no bindings of any kind it could easily go flying off in a random direction.

  2. “No one?s ever thought of taking the sport of skateboarding, and putting it on snow.”

    eeh ok?!

    how about Premier Snowskates, decept and burton? just to mention a few…

    They dont have conversion kits like Flowlab but they are all “skateboards on snow”…

  3. Ever had of sarcasm, children?

    Anyway, the board looks awesome. A cheap alternative to a snowboard.
    It would probably only be practical on a tobogganning type hill, if at all.

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  5. Unless you’re going to tie this thing to your leg, you might as well just throw your skateboard off the chair and into the forest. ’cause either way, it’s going to go flying away from you the first time you fall off of it, or get completely lost if you hit any powder or loose snow.

    What a half-baked idea.

  6. wow, thats a surefire way to ruin your deck. not to mention your trucks.

    ever left a board out in the rain for a few days and tried to skate it? not to mention the fact that it would be impossible to control with snow on your board.

  7. Only set you back $50?

    Uhm, how about just unscrewing the trucks from your board, I bet you’d get down the slopes just as well.

    Actually, taking off the trucks instead of using this kit will give you more surface area on softer snow, and if it’s really soft snow, the kit would just generate drag.

    Problem with my idea, and this kit, is that there’s no wax, or edges, so really, just grab a snowboard, mmmkay.

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  9. Hey Greg, fuck you, in the ass. ‘Till it bleeds, pretty nasty huh? How about I take my board and sodomize your ass with it. ewwwwww, Greg takes it in the ass, what a queer. You queers are fucking 30 year old fags!!!11!1!!11!!111!!!1.

  10. See what I did there, greg. I’m using your insult as a base for my counter-insult. Got that buddy? Besides, this invention is stupid, it would ruin your deck, and if you shot out, say bye to your deck.

  11. I rode one of these things for 5 minutes and got tons of girls. They were all fat and ugly but it didn’t stop me from geting to second base with them when they were sleeping and didn’t know what I was doing to them… Thanks snow skate!!!

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