Radtech’s Portectorz

Okay, now read that product name again, slowly. Yeah, that’s it… like protection for your ports. That’s right.

If you own a Powerbook, or even an iBook, you might have given a thought to what might happen should excessive amounts of dust or (oh the horror!) sand get into one of the many ports on the side of your machine. If you’re a typical Apple fan, the thought alone should give you conniption fits. So, instead of fretting about it, get a Portector from Radtech.

It’s a custom-molded, high-polymer Silicone (so it’s not tacky) band that snugly fits into all of the unused ports of your machine, to prevent anything unwanted from entering. Their low-profile design blends perfectly with your notebook’s style and they’ve been lightly frosted for a smooth and elegant appearance that beautifully complements your notebook’s style.

They have models for 12″ or 14″ iBooks, and 12″ and 15″ Powerbooks, with the 17″ in the works. The price range is in the $20 to $25.

The website is here. Story VIA TUAW.

3 thoughts on “Radtech’s Portectorz”

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  2. wow…i had the exact same idea when i bought my iBook. not sure how much heat comes out the ports, but i’m glad somebody went and made these.

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