Radio Lovers Rejoice, Olympus VJ-10 Can Record Up To 2,500 Hours Of RF Goodness

olympus vj-10

By David Ponce

It’s not everyday you see a device with a 37GB hard drive. 37 is just so random, yet that’s how many gigabytes the VJ-10 Radio Server from Olympus can store. The device is basically just a basic AM/FM radio, with a hard drive embedded right in. Even in “high quality” mode (128 kbps) the device can still hold 1,250 hours of your favorite talk radio show. It features a large 3.9 inch (128 x 400) monochrome STN display, USB 2.0, amplifier and stereo speakers which allegedly sound decent thanks to SRS and WOW XT.

Think of it like a TiVo for the radio, except exponentially less exciting. I mean, hey, other than when you’re stuck in traffic, when do people ever really listen to the radio anymore? Still, if you’re into that sort of thing, you should know the device is expected to cost 40,000 Yen ($ 335) and be available in Japan starting March 16th.

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1 thought on “Radio Lovers Rejoice, Olympus VJ-10 Can Record Up To 2,500 Hours Of RF Goodness”

  1. It’s most likely a 40 GB drive with the size reported being the “available space”.
    As you may know from your new 500GB HDD in your PC there’s only 465GB available when you count 1024B (the binary way) per KB instead of the HDD manufacturers way of decimal counting (1000B/KB, 1000KB/MB, 1000MB/GB, etc.).

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