RACE-STAR ConverTTable Hides A Driving Simulator In Your Living Room

RACE-STAR ConverTTable (Images courtesy RACE-STAR)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now that GT5 has finally been released I’m sure a lot of you are seriously considering upgrading your PS3 controller to an actual driving wheel. But it’s a slippery slope. Once you’ve got the wheel you need the pedals, and once you’ve got the pedals you’ll find it’s too awkward to sit on the couch and drive. Eventually you’ll find your entire living room ends up looking like a race simulator, and believe it or not some people feel that’s a bad thing. Weird, I know. But the Germans at RACE-STAR have created a nice compromise.

Their ConverTTable, as awkward as that is to pronounce, is a modern looking coffee table with a race-inspired design that opens up to reveal a full driving cockpit tucked away inside. It includes a wheel with shifter, a contoured racing seat and a full set of pedals, and everything is adjustable to accommodate tall or short wanna-be Schumachers. Besides the design which probably won’t fit into a lot of contemporary decors, I can’t see any reason why every GT5 owner shouldn’t have one in their living room. Trust me, you’ll be glad you dropped $6,600+ (€4,999) on it!

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