R2D2 Online Translator

R2D2 Translator (Image courtesy R2D2Translator.com)By Andrew Liszewski

Even with the benefit of the force, I still don’t see how Luke Skywalker could understand a single thing R2D2 was saying. But somehow they managed to not only carry on many conversations, but provide us with enough expository dialogue so we could follow along too.

Apparently though, it’s taken 30 years from when Star Wars was first released for someone to finally decipher the R2-unit dialect, and provide us with a handy online translator. The 30 character limit is kind of lame, and I don’t recommend using headphones to listen to the translations because some of them are particularly high-pitched and shrill. But once your phrase is translated you do have the option to download the sound file as an MP3 and use it as a cellphone ringtone or an annoying voicemail message.

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