Quicktionary TS

Quicktionary TS (Image courtesy Pro-Idee)By Andrew Liszewski

Cripes! We’ve all seen these ‘electronic dictionary pen’ devices before, and while I’m sure they’re useful to some people, I think this Quicktionary TS model goes a bit overboard. When it comes to features I have no complaints, since the 400 dpi scanner built into the tip of the pen allows you to scan single words or full lines of text which are then displayed on the high-resolution LCD screen complete with detailed definitions.

It also allows you to hear the words spoken back so you can familiarize yourself with the correct pronunciations, and the LCD display is even a touch-screen allowing you to access the dictionary functions by manually typing in words or phrases via an on-screen keyboard. But assuming that hand model has a relatively normal-sized human adult hand, I think the Quicktionary TS is way bigger than it needs to be. Shrink that scanner down, make it connect to my laptop via USB or my cellphone via bluetooth and we’ll talk.

But if you’re happy with lugging around a mini-cricket bat, the Quicktionary TS is available from the Wizcom Technologies online store for $189.95.

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  1. Is there now available on the market a Quictionary-type scanner product such as Mr. Liszewski suggests would be more useful–that is,  a pen-size translator that connects to USB?

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