Qualcomm Develops Wolfpigeon Wireless Base Stations, Controls Them With Sharkfalcons


By Evan Ackerman

Qualcomm has come up with a great idea to provide ubiquitous digital network coverage to people in both rural and urban areas: network base stations, implanted in pigeons. But, pigeons are vulnerable to predators and inclement weather, so Qualcomm spliced them with wolves to create the wolfpigeon. Of course, wolfpigeons might be dangerous, so Qualcomm took the obvious step of creating sharkfalcons to keep them in check:

I think that Qualcomm is overlooking a critical fact: wolfpigeons are going to need a food source designed specifically for their hybrid palates. I’m talking, of course, about a breadmarmot. See a picture of a breadmarmot in the wild, after the jump.


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