QLOCKTWO Spells Out The Time


By Chris Scott Barr

I remember being little and hating my grandparents old grandfather clock. While I enjoyed the pleasant tones it emitted every fifteen minutes, it featured Roman numerals, which were a pain to read. I’d have to stare at it for a moment to really figure things out. I still prefer a standard digital clock, as it only takes a quick glance to tell you the exact time. I’ve often wondered, how much more (or less) efficient would a clock be that spelled out the time in words? Well now there is one that does that very thing.

The QLOCKTWO is a strange clock that tells time by writing things like “IT’S FIVE PAST NINE.” Its biggest drawback is that it only spells things out in five-minute increments. If you want it to be more precise, you have to look to the four corners of the clock, each of which has a dot that represents a single minute. This clock-turned-art-piece will probably be the most expensive thing in your living room, should you choose to buy it. The asking price is just under $1,600. If you’re cheap like me, you can just buy the QLOCKTWO app for your iPhone, which is only a mere $.99.

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