Qipit Converts Whiteboard Notes And Sketches To PDFs Using Your Cellphone

Qipit (Image courtesy Qipit)By Andrew Liszewski

Even if you work in an office full of high-tech gear, a simple whiteboard still seems to be one of the best ways for a group of people to brainstorm ideas. So Qipit provides an easy to use online service that will convert a digital photo of your whiteboard into a PDF file that can be easily shared.

The service relies on “sophisticated, highly optimized image-processing algorithms” that are also able to convert photos of smaller paper documents, in addition to whiteboards. Obviously the quality of your cellphone’s camera will effect how the PDF turns out, so the website includes a section where you can select your phone from a list, and see what services it’s compatible with. For example the camera on the iPhone is fine for converting whiteboards and hand-written notes, but is not recommended for converting docs with printed text.

At the moment the Qipit service is completely free to use, and only requires you to create an account since you have to login to download the converted PDF files.

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  1. JPEGs are far easier to share than PDFs. We actually had to do this for some of our lectures to get some notes. PDFs are crap because their bloated and harder to edit.

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