Pyxis GPS Watch Geared Towards The Active Crowd

Pyxis GPS Watch (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Even with a confusing, upside-down product shot the Pyxis GPS watch is still a cool piece of tech. At the moment it’s only being marketed in Korea, but if you happen to live there you’ll be able to take advantage of its built-in database of places to jog, run or hike. The watch is definitely aimed at those who like to maintain a regular fitness regime, and will keep track of your elapsed time, speed, distance and burned calories.

Other applications include using the Pyxis as a golf guide since a database of different courses provides data on the distance to the green, or how far your last drive was. And even though the screen is particularly small since it’s designed to be worn on your wrist, it still appears to have more than enough resolution for displaying complex maps and trails. It can even be used in your car while driving, but that’s where I think that small screen might actually be a problem.

[ A wrist watch type GPS ‘Pyxis’ to help you enjoy in/outdoor exercises ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]