Pyro Wristwatch Shoots Fireballs, Is Awesome


You’re looking at a James Bond-style wrist-worn device that shoots fireballs. It’s meant to be used by magicians and illusionists, but let’s face it, we’re all going to want one. It works by spitting out “heated wads of flash paper (aka nitrocellulose), that launch up to 10-feet from the barrels when ignited.” The device packs 4 such shots, and each one can be activated remotely with the squeeze of a remote controller. It’s a high quality device that comes with a 60 replacement warranty. It’s $174 and is cool enough for illusionists of all levels, as well as anyone who loves the idea of shooting fire from their hands. Just don’t do anything stupid with it, please.

Sold out at the moment, but should ship by December 17th.




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