Put That Lens Cap To Some Use, Aside From, You Know, Capping Your Lens


Lens caps are essential. Lens caps are also pretty useless when they’re not protecting your lens. The Snapper Cap pictured above makes use of the little space between the lens and the cap by introducing a slim plastic insert that allows you to carry an extra memory card. And that right there’s pretty useful, considering how quickly cards can fill up if you shoot a lot. The inserts come in formats that accept SD cards with all size caps, CF cards with 67mm, 72mm and 77mm caps, and even little wipes in the same formats that accept CF cards. It’s cost you a $15 pledge on Kickstarter to get yours, if funding is achieved.

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1 thought on “Put That Lens Cap To Some Use, Aside From, You Know, Capping Your Lens”

  1. Hello, a note from the inventor: The image above shows the insert and memory card inverted for display purposes. When a pre-formatted memory card is stored the insert and card must be flipped over into the correct storage position. Additionally the SD cards only fit sizes 49mm and larger. Anything smaller than 49mm is too small to accommodate an SD card in the lens cap. The Snapper Cap™ has similar dimensions to a traditional center pinch lens cap and is ideal for photographers who prefer not to take their camera bag with them on every photo shoot. Even an inexpensive 8gb memory card ($7.99) makes a good back-up memory card ensuring that a working memory card is always with the camera. For questions please contact me via my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/snappercap

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