PUSHit Toilet Seat Design

PUSHit Toilet Seat Design Makes Sure the Products of Your Number Two Go Down

PUSHit Toilet Seat Design

Nothing sucks more than doing a number two and flushing, only to hear a faint gurgling sound and the dangerous rush of overflowing water a few seconds later. At this point, there are two things you can do: call a plumber to fix your drain or wait for some company  pick up on the PUSHit Toilet Seat design so they can start making these awesome toilets.

I’d recommend the former, although I’m all for the latter, too. Unfortunately, it might take before we’ll actually see working prototypes of the concept. The PUSHit is basically a toilet seat-slash-plunger that makes it easier for people to unclog their toilets because the plunger is already incorporated into the toilet seat itself. So the next time you see your crap coming back up, just put the cover down and push, push, push.

PUSHit Toilet Seat Design

The PUSHit Toilet Seat was designed by Hoe Yeong Jung. It’s also a 2012 iF Design Talents Entry.

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  1. Maybe I’ve just been fortunate to have only needed to plunge a toiled once in the last couple of years or so, but if you actually have to plunge a toilet so often you really need one with a plunger built-in I wonder if you’re tossing a band-aid for a much bigger problem. I can see a benefit for this for a highly-used public toilet though.

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