Push Notification Comes To AIM For iPhone

Push Notification Comes To AIM For iPhone


By Chris Scott Barr

Finally, after three different software versions, the iPhone has push notifications. Sure, it got plenty of other cool additions, but being as connected to the world as I always seem to be, this is one of my favorites. One of the first apps to roll off the line with push support is AIM.

I barely used the previous versions of the AIM app, since you had to keep it open in order to continue a conversation with someone. That’s not convenient in the least. However, if you download the latest version, you’ll be able to set the app to keep you logged in for up to 24 hours after you exit. During this time you appear online to your buddies and any messages will pop up on your phone. It’s definitely worth updating, even if you just go with the ad-supported free version.

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