Pure Satin Steam Shower Includes Foot Massager

Pure Satin Steam Shower (Image courtesy The Shower Company.com)By Andrew Liszewski

For a while now, shower manufacturers have been trying to one up each other with models that feature more jets and more functions than the competition. But I think the battle for luxury shower supremacy may have a new front runner with the Pure Satin Steam Shower. It features a standard over head shower plus an adjustable shower on a slide rail for positioning at the appropriate height. Adjustable back massage jets. A steam module with time and temperature settings. An ozone sterilization system that will clean the shower at the push of a button. A tri-protection safety system which features an automatic cut-off to prevent burns. And even a foot massage device designed to target the acupuncture points on the sole of your feet with hydraulic, mechanical and magnetic massages.

And if you’re the type who finds showering to be a bit boring, the Pure Satin even features a built-in FM radio with a waterproof speaker and a wireless transmitter for listening to a CD or MP3 player that’s not water-friendly. Best of all, the shower’s many functions can all be accessed from a wireless and water-safe remote, allowing you to turn everything on before you even set foot inside. Not surprisingly this luxury will set you back about $2,189, and that’s the sale price.

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